Villas and Real Estates on Lake Como

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The Lake Como region is dotted with splendid historical villas, exclusive apartments and luxury villas on sale. They stand on the sides of the deepest Italian lake that has always been a destination longed-for by customers from all over the world wanting to purchase a second home.

The lush slopes of the hills gently descend to the crystal-clear water of the lake. Elegant architectural works stand all around it, just waiting to disclose their secrets.

Located in Northern Italy near the border to Swiss, Lake Como is characterized by a distinctive Y shape with three edges: Colico lies in the north, Lecco in the south-east and Como in the south-west. The lake is protected by the Alps, thus enjoying a pleasant, mild climate. This peaceful and graceful area has been exerting a strong attraction since the most ancient times. After all, it has been chosen countless times as the stage and setting for unrepeatable moments such as weddings, events, ceremonies and film shootings, too.

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